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Xi’an City Wall Travel Tips

Ride on the City Wall

You can rent a bike and take your time to enjoy the blend of history and modernity.

Listen to Rock Music Under the City Wall

Enjoy the most brutal and wildest rock music in northwest China.

Enjoy the Performance

Enjoy the large outdoor performance of “Dream of Chang’an” at 20:30 in the evening.

When is the Best Time to Visit the City Walls? 

The best time to visit the city walls of Xi’an is in the evening when the sun is setting and the city walls are particularly beautiful, with a wide and simple view of almost the entire ancient city. Since there is no shade on the top of the wall, those who want to enjoy the scenery of the old city by bicycle, but also want to enjoy the beauty of the evening, it is best to climb the wall before 16:00, and then you can also wait until 18:00 to enjoy the night view when the wall lights are on.

Xi’an City Wall Boarding Point:

The city wall has 8 boarding points, they are East Gate (Changle Gate), South Gate (Yongning Gate), West Gate (Anding Gate), North Gate (Anyuan Gate), Hanguang Gate, Wenchang Gate, Heping Gate, and Shangde Gate, where visitors can board the city nearby. Among them, the South Gate is the welcome gate of Xi’an City, and is also the gate that visitors usually choose to board the city.

Xi’an City Wall

Transportation Guide

Bicycles: The rental offices on the four gates, East, West, South and North, are open from 8:00 to 20:00. 45 RMB/2 hours for a single and 90 RMB/2 hours for a double, with a deposit of 200 RMB for a single and 300 RMB for a double. After the ride, you can return the bikes at any of the southeast and northwest gates, but only the south gate can return the bikes after 18:00.

Sightseeing bus: Sightseeing services are available on four city gates, east, west, north and south, for a total of four sections. A full circuit on the city wall takes about 50 minutes, 30 RMB per section, 120 RMB per person for a circuit around the city, and 1,500 RMB for a chartered bus (13 seats).

Electric bicycle route: South Gate (Yongning Gate) – East Gate (Changle Gate) – North Gate (Anyuan Gate) – West Gate (Anding Gate).

Due to seasonal and other reasons, the time for renting bicycles may change, so please consult by phone or on site.


Xi’an City Wall provides a manual interpretation service, 120 yuan for one guide, unlimited number of people, please consult on-site for a specific cost.


There are many restrooms in the scenic urn and the arrow tower on the wall, all of which are indicated by signs, about 60 rooms.

Handicapped Access

If handicapped people have difficulty in climbing the city, please contact the staff for help at the visitor service center or the Golden Key service desk.