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Xi’an Banpo Museum

Xi’an Banpo Museum is a prehistoric settlement site. It reveals the living environment, architectural forms, places of worship, production techniques, and burial customs of a typical matrilineal clan settlement of the Yangshao culture of the Neolithic period, more than 6,000 years ago. A large amount of living, working, religious sites, production tools, living tools, decorations, and other relics excavated here show the developed prehistoric civilization of the Yellow River basin and the living condition of the matrilineal clan society.

The museum is divided into residential areas, pottery-making areas and burial areas. The archaeological value of this area is higher than that of a normal tour. The site hall is the focus of the tour, and it creates a sense of time travel. The hall shows part of the settlement site and a pottery kiln. You can use the touch screen to learn the story of what happened thousands of years ago. The exhibition hall uses technological methods such as electronic virtual and phantom imaging to reproduce the splendid culture created by the ancient people of Hanpo in a dynamic and graphic way. The half-view painting exhibition hall adopts a combination of virtual and realistic methods to realistically simulate the lightning and thunder, sun, moon and stars above the rivers and fields, vividly recreating the life and labor state.


An important Neolithic site in China; 

Learn about the remains of prehistoric human culture and civilization;

Learn how people lived in primitive society;

A human face fish basin from the Yangshao pottery. 

Opening Time:

High season: (March 1-November 30) 8:00—-17:00;

Low season: (December 1 – end of February) 8:00—-17:00.


65 RMB per person.

How to Get There:

Bus: Take bus line105, 406, 913 can arrival directly; 11, 42, 323, 241, 401, 511, 715 to the Banpo station and get off 150 meters south;

Metro: Take Metro Line 1, get off at Banpo Station and walk 300 meters west to Banpo Road and turn left for 200 meters.