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Uncover the Terracotta Warriors

The Terracotta Warriors is a burial pit of the tomb of Qin Shi Huang, which was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1987. It was discovered occasionally in 1974 when farmers nearby dug wells. Since then, the Terracotta Warriors burial pits, which have been sleeping underground for more than 2,000 years, have finally seen the light of day. In 1978, former French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac visited the Terracotta Warrior and said, “The discovery of the Terracotta Warriors is one of the eight wonders of the world, after the seven wonders of the world. You can’t be in Egypt without seeing the pyramids, and you can’t be in China without seeing the Terracotta Warriors.” Since then the Terracotta Warriors have been known as the eighth wonder of the world.

The Terracotta Warriors is the largest ancient military museum in China. The 3rd century B.C. underground sculpture complex shows the splendor of ancient oriental culture with its majestic grandeur, majestic military formations, and realistic terracotta figures. The terracotta warriors are a true depiction of the Qin army in ancient China. Through the terracotta warriors and horses, you can learn about the military formations and weapons of the Qin Dynasty, and imagine how the Qin army that unified the world was so powerful and brave.

Terracotta Warriors

The sculpture of the Terracotta Warriors is an oriental classical realism sculpture, which strictly uses realism in its creation and is based on the accurate anatomical structure in terms of shape, structure, proportion, texture, and measurement. From the face of the terracotta warriors, one can see the exact position of the cheekbones, brow bones, and jawbones under the skin muscles, the meticulous size, proportion, and position of the five senses, and every convexity and concavity of the form is in accordance with the human anatomy. The facial expressions, inner activities, and mental states of the figures are different, vivid and different, and the shapes and gods are all intact.

According to the density of terracotta warriors excavated, there are 8,000 terracotta warriors and horses in the museum, and it is amazing that no two terracotta warriors are exactly the same, and each terracotta warrior is unique.

Terracotta Warriors Hair Style

Terracotta Warriors Beard