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Small Wild Goose Pagoda

The Small Wild Goose Pagoda, originally named “Jianfu Temple Pagoda”, was built in 707 A.D. It is located in Jianfu Temple in the Chang’an City of the Tang Dynasty. It was built to store Buddhist sutra scrolls and Buddhist pictures brought back from Tianzhu by the Tang Dynasty monk Yijing. With its beautiful shape, the Small Wild Goose Pagoda is considered to be an exquisite heritage of Buddhist architecture of the Tang Dynasty and is a landmark of Chang’an City of the Tang Dynasty along with the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. The ancient bell in the bell tower of Jianfu Temple and the Small Wild Goose Pagoda is called the “Morning Bell of the Wild Goose Pagoda”.

The exquisite and beautiful Small Wild Goose Pagoda is very different from the majestic Big Wild Goose Pagoda in style. The pagoda is slightly shuttle-shaped, 43.38 meters high, with 15 levels when it was built and 13 existing levels. The tower’s bottom layer is the highest, and the above decreases layer by layer and the overall outline is a natural round and rolled brake curve. Each layer has iterative eaves, with two layers of diamond-edged teeth under the eaves, forming an aesthetic effect of heavy eaves and dense pavilions, which is very beautiful. There are coupon doors in the north and south of the ground floor, and coupon windows in the north and south of each upper floor. The door frames are covered with exquisite Tang Dynasty line carvings.

Small Wild Goose Pagoda

The Small Wild Goose Pagoda is a typical work of early Chinese square dense eaves brick pagoda, a heritage of Buddhist architectural art in the Tang Dynasty, and a landmark of Buddhism’s introduction to the Central Plains and its integration into Han culture. The Small Wild Goose Pagoda was successfully inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2014.


Silk Road World Heritage Site;

A Landmark of Buddhist Fusion with Han Chinese Culture;

Early Chinese Square Dense Eaves Brick Pagoda.

Opening Time:

9:00-17:30, (16:00 stop checking, closed every Tuesday).


Free of charge but with tickets. , with an ID card to get tickets.

How to Get There:

Bus: Take bus line 18, 203, 204, 218, 21, 224, 29, 32, 407, 40, 410, 46, 508, 521, 700, 707, 713, 720, Tour 7, Tour 8 and get off at the Small Wild Goose Pagoda station.

Metro: Take Metro Line 2, Exit A1 at NanShaomen Station, and walk 400 meters to the left.


Climb the Little Wild Goose Pagoda for 30 RMB.