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Conquer the Most Dangerous Hike in the World

Mount Hua is the birthplace of Chinese civilization and one of the five famous mountains in China, with an altitude of 2154.9 meters. It is known as “the most dangerous mountain in the world”. It is a cultural mountain and a holy place of the mainstream Quanzhen school of Taoism. There are more than 210 famous scenic spots on Mount Hua, such as the walk plank, the Harrier Flip on three sides of the sky, the 90-degree vertical staircase, and the Thousand-foot Block, the Hundred-foot Gorge, and the Laojun Plough, which are carved out of the precipitous cliffs.

The walking plank is located on the east side of the South Peak and is built on the 10,000-foot wall with stone nails and wooden rafters. Up and down the stack are cliff walls, by more than 30 centimeters wide planks and rocks built, below is the abyss of ten thousand feet, only by a steel rope as a grip.

The stone ladder is cut into the east peak wall, more than 10 meters high, vertical to the ground at an angle of 90 degrees, the upper part of the protruding outward, like an inverted cliff. Three hanging ropes are placed on the ladder, so visitors can’t climb with the ropes, and their bodies can’t be close to the cliff, so they swing with the ropes.

The Harrier Flip is the way to the East Peak under the chess pavilion, cut into the upside-down wall. When you look down, you can only see the iron rope vertically in the air, with no path in sight. Tourists have to hold their bodies against the wall, hands clutching the iron rope, and use their toes to explore the stone nest, alternating and down.

Walking Plank
Stone Ladder
Harrier Flip

The east, west, south, north, and central peaks of Mount Hua have their own characteristics. The west peak has a stunning wall, the east peak has a sunrise, the south peak has a strange pine, and the north peak has clouds and mist. Mount Hua attracts numerous visitors with its steepness. The viewpoints, courtyards, pavilions, and pavilions on the mountain are built according to the mountain, and a mountain flying stand, just like a pavilion in the air, and there are ancient pines reflecting each other, which is unique.

Mount Hua is majestic and dangerous, with steep walls, thousand-foot walls, beautiful peaks, it is particularly famous for its dangers. Over the years, Mount Hua has attracted numerous visitors. The danger can inspire people’s courage and wisdom, and the spirit of climbing in spite of the danger.