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Chinese Hamburger

Roujiamo(Chinese Hamburger) is one of the local snacks in Xi’an. It is a wonderful combination of meat in sauce and Baiji steamed bread, and the taste of each is brought to its best. The meat is carefully prepared with more than thirty kinds of seasonings, due to the fine selection of materials, proper heating, and the aged soup, so the meat is unique, with a red color, fragrant smell, soft meat, not rotten, rich and mellow, unique flavor. Baiji steamed bread is made of good flour kneaded into a cake shape, placed on the iron plate slightly baked into shape, up and down across the iron plate of charcoal baking, a little time to turn over, both sides crispy slightly yellow. Crispy outside and tender inside is a rare realm. The bun fragrant meat crispy, fatty but not greasy, endless aftertaste. The meat has a long history and has the reputation of being a Chinese burger, which is loved by people.

Tongguan Roujiamo
Chinese Hamburger in beef
Baiji Roujiamo