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Big Wild Goose Pagoda Musical Fountain Opening Time 2021

Xi’an Big Wild Goose Pagoda Fountain is located in the north square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda, with a width of 218 meters from east to west and a length of 346 meters from north to south. It is the largest square in Asia in terms of sculpture scale, with two 100-meter-long group sculptures, eight groups of large character sculptures, and 40 pieces of ground reliefs. It has many records such as the world’s most luxurious green contactless bathroom, keeping the cleanest, the world’s largest number of sitting benches, the world’s longest light belt, the world’s first direct water diversion, and the largest sound combination.

The water surface of the fountain covers an area of 20,000 square meters; the eight-level frequency square in its eight-level iterative pool is the world’s largest square. Each level pool has seven levels of iterative water, which is in accordance with Big Wild Goose Pagoda’s 7 layers. This set of fountains designed a total of 22 independent water types, 60 meters wide, more than 20 meters high in the large laser water curtain in 4 fountains from the water, in 6 meters high in the air fully burning low temperature burst.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda Musical Fountain

The north square of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda is designed with nine steps, each step has five steps, and each pool has seven levels of stacked water, which is compatible with the seven layers of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. From north to south, the steps go up gradually. The lighting of the North Square adopts high post lights and plain lights, and the spectral analysis is very bright and invisible to insects, so the whole square will not have the phenomenon of insects flying around.

Show Time:

Big Wild Goose Pagoda North Square Musical Fountain Performance Schedule 2021 is As Follows.

The normal version of the fountain

The first scene: 12:00-12:10;

The second scene: 16:00-16:10;

The third scene: 19:00-19:10

The fourth scene: 21:00-21:10



How to Get There:

By bus: Take bus No. 5, No. 19, No. 21, No. 22, No. 23, No. 24, No. 27, No. 30, No. 34, No. 41, No. 44, No. 224, No. 237, No. 242, No. 307, No. 400, No. 401 and get off at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda Station.

By subway: Take subway Line 3 or 4 and get off at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda Station.

Safety Guide:

Pay attention to the protection of electronic products to avoid being wet by the water spray; keep far away from the water jets to prevent injury!